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There is no “girl-by-girl” recap of this episode, because in “The Return” we follow Hannah home for a weekend visit with her parents in Michigan. And though it pains me to say so, it was only moderately interesting.

It’s going to be a looong weekend. Photo: HBO

This is Hannah’s face in the back seat of the family car on the way home from the airport. They are not even home yet, and already she has 1) endured a question about the guy she’s not seeing anymore, 2) lied about the job she just quit, and 3) been told that a friend of theirs is looking for someone to help organize visiting lecturers and doesn’t that sound like an interesting job?

If the episode has a claustrophobic feel, I suppose it’s purposeful. But even a so-so episode of Girls is better than say, no episode. As Hannah herself muses during a pre-date pep talk: “You are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting, ok? …The worst stuff that you say sounds better than the best stuff that some other people say.”

“The Return” shambles along, offering little in the way of surprises or typical dumbass Hannah moves. (Not counting startling her partner in bed with an ill-advised … whatever that was.) Mostly it’s all just Hannah realizing that life would be different if she lived at home instead of in New York. Maybe a little easier. And that just because she has a dream doesn’t mean she’s going to succeed in realizing that dream.

So much for the comforts of home—where you realize you don’t belong anymore—and back to the big city, where you’re not sure you can make it. And don’t forget Marnie is looking for the rent check!

PS to anyone who thinks Hannah showed a spark of maturity or independence by refusing to acknowledge a need for funds: Ha! If we’ve learned anything in six episodes, it’s that that road is filled with potholes. Next week she’ll be back at the Google bar: “How much $$ for a kidney?” “How important IS a second kidney?” “How many kidneys do I have again?”

Speaking of Google. This post made me Google “geriatric sex,” from which I determined: Parents have boomer sex. Grandparents have geriatric sex. (That’s why old people install grab bars in the shower.)

Next week: Welcome to Bushwick