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One of the joys of watching Girls is checking out what other bloggers and entertainment sites have to say about it, and this week, the show has turned a corner: It’s the first time since it debuted that a Google search brought more results about the show than the controversies it’s stirred up.

What you see instead is that each new episode is getting gang-blogged by uber-earnest foursomes at Slate and Huffington Post.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad that people are discussing Girls based on what it is rather than on what it should be but isn’t. And I’m even happier to be able to read lines like this, from Slate’s “Guys on Girls: Doing it for the Story,” which are fun to quote out of context:

Haglund: I’m with Bryan on the masturbation scene.

Overall, Slate’s “guy” bloggers take Girls more seriously than I do. Some of the comments have a film-school earnestness that is a little hard to take. There is talk in this article about meta-comments, theories, themes, metaphors, and, in one instance, a scene feeling like “an unfortunate stylistic break.

Luckily, that last one was challenged by another blogger, Dan Kois, who wrote, “It’s too early in the show’s life to count as a stylistic break!”

In fact, Kois sums up my feelings exactly about the whole discussion: “Whatever, you guys. Did you not laugh??? How about when Shoshanna got caught watching Jessa’s quickie with that dude in the barbershop-quartet hat? What about Marnie expressing her admiration for Charlie’s immaculate apartment in the pitch-perfect way: “It’s like a Target ad!” What about Elijah completely failing to sell the line “Can you hang out with this girl while I f#ck my girlfriend?” This episode offered a lot of rich dramatic material but mostly I read it as a great, f*cked-up comedy.”

There is such a thing as overthinking a thing to death, and for the most part, I think these blogs do. (Not that I’ll stop reading them, because I like hearing everyone’s thoughts even if I think they’re bunk.) Maybe I’m easy to please, but I don’t care if the show seems like a jumbled mess of one girl’s notes on life. I love the notes and don’t mind the jumble.

Next week: “The Return”

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