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If you’ve ever known a train wreck, loved a train wreck, or been a train wreck, you know that people do stupid things in life. Insanely stupid, inelegantly stupid, stupid that is not cute or “adorkable” or at all, just… stupid.

It’s not just the stupidity itself but the endless variety of it that provides amusement for others. That’s just a fact. And unless a child, animal or a mentally disabled person gets hurt, I am in completely favor of embracing this fact. That is why I have no problem telling people I think Girls is funny. Even though Girls isn’t a sitcom, laugh-a-minute and laugh for all the right reasons kind of funny, it still makes me laugh. And cringe—simultaneously.

This week on Girls:

Hannah texts her FWB Adam a photo of herself, topless

• Not just a close-up shot which she could claim, years later, is not of her. Her face is right there above them.

• AND…! She sent it despite the fact that Adam had just sexted her a photo she knew WAS NOT INTENDED FOR HER.

Jessa, perched jauntily atop a park bench, tries to rally her fellow nannies around the idea of a nanny union; loses track of her charges (temporarily, but terrifyingly);

• and again does that strange “are they flirting or not” dance with the kids’ father later that night—while the mom is packing the kids off to bed because Jessa wasn’t nanny enough to get them changed and in bed herself

Shoshanna, hoping to rid herself of the burden of virginity, gets very close to her goal…. Only to be rejected because the potential de-virginator is put off by her virginity. (Dude, it’s common knowledge that recently deflowered girls are, you know, clingy.)

Marnie throws a drink at Hannah at a bar, after Charlie and Ray wrap up their two-man band set with a devastating “song” drawn from Hannah’s diary.

Fan reaction:

1) Marnie, I’ll expect an apology from you next week. You can’t be mad at about something someone wrote in her diary. Period. I know you were mortified, I know you were taken completely off guard, but now that you’ve had some time to think about it, admit it: You’re mad at yourself. You’re mad a the situation you’re in. And you’re mad because you’re going to have to hurt someone you really care about.

2) Charlie? Yes, you. (You’re in with the girls this week.) That move was not manly. I know you’re still on the path to being a man and all, but for god’s sake, don’t get your directions from Ray.

3) Jessa, stop falling in love and/or possibly just flirting with the married man.

4) Shoshanna. I know don’t what to tell you, kid. This is why many women graduate from college with drinking problems.

5) Hannah, forget the blogger who criticized the impassioned speech you made to Adam. Writers are notorious for not being able to string two words together in front of a real person in real time. That’s why they write; no one expects them to think and talk simultaneously. You did fine, and it all made sense to me. However, you really need to speak in simpler sentences to Adam.

(By the way: Of course you slept with Adam afterwards. I hope you don’t beat yourself up too much about it. Remember: It takes more than one attempt to quit!)

Next week: “Hard Being Easy”