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Cotton Delo has just completed a sweet series in Ad Age called “Who’s Behind the Agency Twitter Feed,” where he interviewed three top ad execs who tweet on their company’s behalf.

Featured today was Chapin Clark from the digital shop R/GA, who offered some pretty good insights on how to use Twitter to connect with your company’s followers.

Note that Master Tweeter is not Clark’s actual title, which is Executive VP/Managing Director of Copywriting. (He mans the Twitter feed in his spare time, when he’s taking a break from supervising a team of 70 copywriters.)

Click on the link above to see his “pet peeves” on Twitter—and try your best to avoid them! They seem really obvious when they’re spelled out in the article, but scanning the list, you’ll notice these tone-deaf missteps are perpetrated constantly in the Twitterverse.

How many are you guilty of?

I’m only copping to using the word “awesome.”

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