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I watched the first episode of Girls because the trailer was funny. I watched episode 2 because the first episode was funny. And I watched episode 3 because frankly, I love this show now and am totally hooked.

Here’s a girl-by-girl take on third episode, “All Adventurous Women Do.”

SHOSHANNA: I haven’t said much about Girls Who Aren’t Hannah in my first two posts, although they’re all contributing mightily to the kooky jar. Let me say right now I love this Zosia Mamet girl. I’ve seen her on Mad Men, where her character is cynical, savvy, and generally off-putting; so if the ability to play two polar opposites equally well constitutes great acting, she is a great actor. (Or is it actress? I heard somewhere actor is the preferred term for both genders. Correct me if I’m wrong…)

Anyway, Shoshanna will bring out the mother in you if you’re a certain age. (Is that… tenderness and concern I feel?) I’m still debating whether she’s adorably unsullied by life or simply unburdened by intelligence. She delivered one of my favorite lines of the evening, when she encouraged Hannah to alert a former lover of an STD that she may or may not have gotten from him:

“In the STD world, I think it’s kind of courteous.”

MARNIE: I’ve heard mutterings that Marnie is a bad person for not appreciating Poor Charlie. Some might even say she has low self-esteem and doesn’t feel she deserves him. I think this is overthinking it. Marriage is not imminent for any of these girls; my guess is, they’re thinking they’ve got a good 8 to 10 years to find a true partner. In the meantime, a guy with a little edge would be nice. Charlie is a big round ball; this new guy, Booth Jonathan (Booth Jonathan?!) is all edge.

To be honest, I didn’t like their initial exchange at the art gallery. Marnie, I know you’re desperate for pushback, friction, contention, or whatever, but this guy is an A-HOLE! However, I think it’s completely understandable that she’s intrigued by a man who delivers a dangerous line (however crass), even if the line is “I might scare you a little, because I’m a man, and I know how to do things.”

JESSA: Last week, she was quite a study. This week, she smokes a joint with the dad at the end of her babysitting gig. I think we all know where this is heading…

HANNAH: So far this season, each episode has had at least one scene where I just sit there and admire Lena Dunham’s ability to flesh out a low-key, comic situation. None are so overtly funny that you could relay them over the phone to a friend; you need to see Hannah’s face—her expression—and the inflections in her voice. Kid’s a genius.

But before I get to the best scene, here is the first of the episode’s instant-classic quotes. When Adam claims (mendaciously) that he couldn’t be the one who gave her HPV, Hannah asks (pathetically):

“Will you still have sex with me?

“When it’s appropriate, sure.”

But by far the scene that cracked me up most was Hannah’s meeting with her former college boyfriend, Elijah. It starts out so well…. And then crashes and burns delightfully. Turns out Elijah is gay, which surprises Hannah, who tries to take it in stride. Tearing up, she claims that she is very happy for him…. But then the questions start to occur to her: How did he manage to fake his way through two years of heterosexual sex with her? When did he know? If he knew then, why didn’t he choose from the bevy of gay men at their liberal arts college—and save her this dread STD?

The Q&A put a pretty abrupt end to the “Good to see you!” portion of their reunion. Elijah’s just as angry as Adam at being accused of giving her HPV—but he deals her an even worse blow: Adam lied about getting tested, because there is no test for HPV in men. (Nice try, Adam.)

And besides, says Elijah, Hannah had to have known on some level that he was gay—and if she needed to observe the signs closer to home, all she had to do was look at her dad. He doesn’t even let her have the last word as he flounces out of the bar: “It was nice to see you, your dad is gay.”

Back at the ranch, Hannah experiments with a few tweets before settling on Jessa’s take on her own various strains of HPV, as related to her by Shoshanna:

“All adventurous women do.”

 Next week: “Hannah’s Diary”