There may be some people using Pinterest as “social media.” Maybe they’re making friends, exchanging comments, following each other… whatever.

Not me. I’m a virtual Viking, ruthlessly hopping from board to board and category to category, poaching images with wild abandon. (Occasionally I click “Like” when I remember my manners. You’ll see from the infographic below that I’ve racked up a respectable pin-to-like ratio.)

What I like most about Pinterest is that it puts curating in your hands. It’s a privilege I don’t take lightly; I only steal the best. Today I searched “Game of Thones” and went through dozens of photos, but only Arya got on my TiSyFi board (not shown). All others went through a similar vetting process.

There is also, I might add, only ONE picture of an adorable baby on my boards. Do you know how many cute babies are on Pinterest? There are many; but this one is, by far, the cutest. And I will not PUT another baby pic up there unless I see another baby of equal or greater cuteness.

As I said: ruthless. Only the best!