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“Hello, America. It’s us, Canada.”

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“Instead of checking the box for least objectionable millionaire this year, why not vote for Canada?” Image via Wikipedia

With just two YouTube videos, 51 backers and $2,063 pledged, Chris Calvert and Brian M. Calvert (on behalf of Canada) have announced Canada’s “Canadacy” in the 2012 elections. Why? “We’ve seen your candidates, and frankly, they scare the sh@t out of us. So we’re volunteering our country to lead your country.”

Check out the YouTube video above, and this one on the candidates, and give it some thought. And keep this in mind if you’re considering a contribution: $10 gets you official membership to the Canada Party. $500 gets you this: “Official ambassadorship to the country of your choice, with your name and title listed on our website. There will be only one ambassador per country, so supplies are limited!